About Us

Doing Good Things


Today there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what constitutes a "green or sustainable business."Many people use these words without really digging deeper to find out what they mean. We want our customers to know what we believe in and what business practices we incorporate to help us stay true to our beliefs. Sometimes the little things can add up to a lot of impact when individuals join with others to effect positive change. We invite you to join us as we continually strive to improve our practices and make our business more and more sustainable and healthy. We believe that flowers are naturally beautiful and shouldn't harm people or our planet. 

At Our Farm
We use only organic farming methods. That means no chemical or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. Read more here. As we plan the construction of a new utility building, we are investigating both solar and wind for electricity generation. We intend to generate 100% of the electricity required to power the farm and residence.

In Our Stores
  • we buy as many locally grown flowers as possible to supplement our own production.
  • we use only natural cleaning products and recycled paper products.
  • we recycle all cardboard (nearly all of our flowers arrive in boxes), glass and aluminum.
  • we recently reduced the amount of plastic in our flower bags by more than 50%.
  • we save and reuse old flower sleeves, rubber bands, flower buckets and flower food solutions.
  • we save and return all flower and plant trays to those suppliers who will reuse them.
  • we continually pressure our suppliers to consider organic production and to find better ways of packaging reducing waste.

In Our Community
Memberships and Affiliations
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers
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