Cut Flower Care

Proper care for your cut flowers, from your garden or from our store, is easy, and will help your flowers remain beautiful for a longer time. There are only a few easy to understand rules.

Always use clean, sharp knives, clippers or shears when cutting flowers. It is generally not a good idea to use household scissors as these may crush and damage the stems, preventing proper water and nutrient uptake.

Flower and plant stems seal up when out of water, even for just a few moments. When this seal occurs, water and nutrients will not be able to flow up the stem. Before placing your cut flowers in water at home, it is necessary to re-cut the stems, normally removing at least an inch. Cutting the stems under water is ideal, placing them in a vase or container immediately.

Cut your stems at a 45 degree angle. Use lukewarm water for your flowers. Warm water molecules move faster than cold water molecules allowing water and nutrients to flow up the stem. (Certain bulb flowers, such as tulips, prefer colder water). Cutting on an angle allows the stem to stand in the vase on a point, keeping the fresh cut unobstructed.

Using a preservative with your flowers can increase their vase life and enhance their beauty. We supply a floral preservative when you purchase your flowers. Used properly, floral preservatives will provide your flowers with needed carbohydrates, biocides, and acidifers. Flower foods must be used with the proper amount of water. The packets we provide require 2 cups of water. Mixed improperly they can be harmful to your flowers. We recommend against using homemade flower foods you may have heard about, including aspirin, sugar, soda or bleach. Mixed improperly, these can also cause harm to your cut flowers.

After a few days, if the water has become cloudy, re-cut your stems, changing the water and adding new preserative.

Keep your cut flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Consider placing your flowers in the refrigerator or near a cold window when you are not enjoying them.

With arrangements, remember that not all flowers age at the same rate. Some stems may have to be removed or replaced. If you are using floral foam, keep the foam wet at all times. You may wish to make a larger batch of preservative at home, leaving it in a water jug,  refilling your vase as necessary.

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