We have closed our Plant and Garden Store. But, our Cut Flower Market location will continue to carry Botanical Interests flower seeds!

Do you enjoy starting your plants from seeds?

If so, we've got the largest selection of seeds in the city. For more than twelve years, our customers have been raving about their success with our perennial best selling line, Botanical Interests.  Check out their website  The new 2014 seed line has arrived and is in store now! We carry nearly the entire line with more than 200 varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Every year sees the addition of more and more organic varieties.

There are dozens of varieties of plants that can thrive in a small space like your city courtyard, deck,backyard, balcony, or even on your fire escape! Gardening in containers can be very different than gardening in a plot of land. Our Urban Gardening can help with information and great tips about gardening in the urban jungle!
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