Choosing the Right Plant

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a new plant to put in your home or office:

  • Sunlight/Lighting- Decide how much lighting your plant will receive on a daily basis and plan accordingly. Only a few plants need several hours of direct sunlight each day. Most, however will need a good source of bright, natural light, while other, ‘low light’ plants will flourish in areas with less light. Only a very few plants will live long and actually grow under only a fluorescent light source.

  • Time- If you don’t have a lot of time during your busy workweek to devote to your new plant, choose one that requires a small amount of maintenance. Average houseplants will need watering approximately one time each week. If your conditions are dry, hot, or the light is very bright, they may need more. Some plants like bonsai will require much more of your time as you keep them well watered, free of insects, pruned and properly potted.

  • Plant Size- Don’t forget to think long term. Some plants purchased at a small size will remain that way, while others will grow and inevitably cover your entire desk or a large area of your home! Make sure to ask one of our helpful staff about the plant you are considering, or research your plant’s potential growth size. Most plants will only reach their full potential will proper care, including repotting.

  • Watering- Watering is a crucial part of caring for your plants, indoor or outdoor. Over-watering your plants can lead to root rot, disease, or killing your plant altogether. Be sure you know how much water and sunlight your specific plant(s) require. Always check the soil before you water just to make sure it is at the proper moisture level and needs to be watered. Many plants will drink less water in the winter than they do in the summer months. Plants that need to be repotted will require much more frequent waterings as they consume the remaining soil in their pots.


  • Consult Our Plantcare Database- our Plantcare Database has many of the most common houseplants listed with their general care requirements and special points of interest. You can print out a PDF and check it often if you are having problems with your plants. You can also search for plants based on your watering preferences, light availability, or just look for easy care plants. Check it out here.
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